Zazu’s Flight Page


This page is all about Zazu!  She is a SHE until DNA testing confirms otherwise (let’s just get that statement out of the way!).  My journey with Zazu started on June 11th, 2009.  After having 3 rescues, I wanted a baby Blue & Gold Macaw to raise as my own.  But to actually purchase one was an inner battle for me because I know how many birds are in shelters and need rescuing.  However, the possibility of getting an unweaned baby Macaw from a shelter is a bit difficult.  So…it’s back to Sue’s aviary we go!

Sue and I had become great friends (after all, she gave me Kacey and Chloe).  The Orlando Bird Expo was coming up and Sue asked if I would go help her out at her booth.  Well, of course I jumped at the opportunity to go to one of the BIGGEST bird shows in Florida…for free!  Plus I would get to play with baby birds all day!  Including 6 Blue and Gold baby Macaws!!  Oh…that is just heaven on earth!!  After getting there and getting all the birds on their perches, I noticed one in particular had missing toes.  Sue called her “2-toes”, which I thought was an odd name for her considering she had 5 all together.  The show started and the Macaws all sold by the end of the day…in fact every bird that Sue brought with her sold (there were 18 total)…except for “2-toes”.  Poor little baby…no one wanted her because she was “cosmetically challenged”.  I was playing with her when Sue came up to me and the question was asked, “Christina, do you want to take her home with you?”.  All of a sudden my face got flushed and my eyes started to tear up.  Sue knew my way with birds after rehabilitating Kacey and caring for Chloe.  She explained to me that she wasn’t planning to go home that day with any birds and being as “2-toes” had a cosmetic deficiency, she wanted to make sure she went to someone that would always take care of her.  She also knew it was a dream of mine to raise a baby Blue and Gold Macaw of my own…she gave me my dream that day…June 11th, 2009.  Now, part of my dream bird did not include the name “2-toes” so…that was immediately changed to…Zazu.  Zazu is the bird that advises Simba in Disney’s “The Lion King” which happens to be my favorite Disney movie.  So, with that settled and the history of “ZAZU” published we can get on with Zazu’s Flight Page!

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