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PETCO Foundation Steps Up To The Plate

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Normally I wouldn’t post anything about the place I work on my blog.  However, an article came through our intranet news that struck my heart and made me realize WHY I support the PETCO Foundation and WHY every event I do at my store goes in support of this non-profit organization.  The PETCO foundation is a great organization that caters to assisting adoption agencies and stepping in when disaster strikes.  Aside from the Red-Cross and the ASPCA, the PETCO Foundation has made more contribution then any other humanitarian organization in the United States.   There web site’s definition is as follows:
The PETCO Foundation was established in 1999 to promote a wide variety of nationwide educational and charitable activities. PETCO Foundation has grown our partnership to approximately 5,700 local animal welfare organizations who save and enrich pet lives at the grassroots level. Through the years, the PETCO Foundation has raised more than $53 million through a combination of fundraisers including the well-known Tree of Hope, Spring A Pet, Operation Alteration and Thanks Fore Giving. In addition, the PETCO Foundation is always prepared to launch immediate fund raising efforts in the case of natural disasters and emergencies such as the California Wildfires and the southern hurricanes.
In recent news we heard of a canary/saffron finch fighting ring going on in the Northeast.  Last month in Shelton, Connecticut 19 (so-called human) individuals were arrested and 150 birds were taking into the custody of the local animal control.  At that time, there was no housing available for the birds until PETCO Store #760 stepped in.  Tom Page, District 44 Manager made a call to Paul Jolly, our Executive Director of PETCO Foundation and explained the situation.  Paul immediately sprang into action and arranged for 60 cages to be delivered from our New Jersey Distribution Center to Store #760 to aid in the relief effort for these birds of misfortune.  While we are supplying food and necessary items to keep the birds happy and start their rehabilitation process, PETCO Foundation will also be on hand to assist in the adoption efforts for the birds.  With some of the birds being very badly injured, PETCO is also helping out with the medical assistance needed for the birds.  Unfortunately while the investigation is still going on, the birds must remain in the custody of the state…but PETCO and animal control will be working side by side to ensure the safety and health of the birds while they are there.
This is the kind of story that makes me proud to work where I do.  Alot of hear-say and such has spread over the years about PETCO and other pet stores and while some of it is true with other stores, I am extremely honored to be part of the PETCO Foundation and all it stands for.  The achievements of this company and it’s mission is by far the most relevant in the Nation aside from the rescue organizations that we are partners with.  This includes alot of high profile rescues around the globe as well.  PETCO stores have already reduced their live animal sales by 33% Nationwide and every store in the Tampa Bay market does not even sell birds anymore.  Our vision for 2010 is to “Take Back The Leadership of The Pet Industry”…this does not mean just sales and profit…this refers to finding loving, forever homes for every unwanted, abused, neglect or in need of assistance animal we can.  PETCO’s leadership in an industry that has so much heartache can turn it around 150 birds at a time and present a positive outcome for some of the most horrific situations.
PETCO_logoSo when someone starts ragging on the company I work for (and doesn’t know I am the Companion Animal Department Manager)…I always refer them to stories like this.  This tends to shut them up sometimes and if it doesn’t, then I have no use for that person.  We are doing our part and everything we can to help fight with the cause…not against it!!  If one organization can do so much…can you imagine what the world can do if they would stop ragging on companies like mine and actually worked side by side with us…hummmm…what a logical concept!!  But, the world is cruel sometimes and those people feel it more necessary to try and degrade a company that is raising $53 million to help animals in need instead of praising them.  Put your negative efforts into a positive motion…whether it’s the PETCO Foundation or another organization.  Channel your energy to help…not condemn.

The PETCO Foundation is responsible for coordinating the donation of in-kind goods and services through our partners to animals in need of assistance.  The PETCO Foundation dedicates its programs to serving the Four R’s- Reduce, Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rejoice. We strive to achieve our mission by creating responsible pet owners, reducing the number of animals euthanized, rescuing animals in crisis and rehabilitating undesirable behaviors in pets to keep them in a loving home.

Now I ask you…does that really sound like an organization you want to turn your back on?…I know I wouldn’t!


2009 Animal Education Foundation Symposium

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“In A Nutshell” The 2009 AEF Symposium will be one to attend this year!  As Patricia Sund says “…don’t let the word SYMPOSIUM twist your noodle”.  While some of the most celebrated trainers and educators will be attending, it is a huge get together to learn, acknowledge, and revisit.  Although I will not be able to attend I recommend this training to anybody who wants to learn more…you never can learn too much!!

The 2009 Animal Education Foundation Symposium brings experts in the fields of behavior, enrichment, husbandry, welfare, and conservation to the Washington, DC area. Come join us and learn as they provide valuable insight into their life’s work!

Saturday, July 18, 2009 ~ 8:00 AM to 6:00 PMDoubletree Hotel Crystal City ~ 300 Army Navy Drive ~ Arlington, VA 22202

Approved for 6.5 hours of CEU credit by the CCPDT      This is theCertification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

AEF’s discounted room rate has expired, but you may still click here to make your room reservations. AEF benefits from each room booked, so please email us if you plan to stay at the hotel.

Download a registration form here!

~ Behavior Analysis ~

Susan G. Friedman, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at Utah State University. She pioneered the application of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to companion parrots, which she teaches to caregivers, veterinarians, and other professionals in her on-line class Living and Learning with Parrots and in her telecourse Living and Learning with Animals. Susan lectures all around the world to a wide variety of audiences and is an accomplished and prolific author in professional and popular journals and books.

~ Avian Husbandry and Health ~

Michael Jones, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, received his DVM in 1992 at the University of Missouri-Columbia and went on to an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. From 1993 to1996, Dr. Jones held a residency at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine in Avian and Zoological Medicine. Since 1996, he has been an Assistant Professor in Avian and Zoological Medicine at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Jones clinical and research interests are Raptor Medicine and Surgery and Pharmacology of therapeutics in avian species. He is also a Master Falconer with 15 years experience.

~ Avian Welfare ~

Julie Murad, President and CEO of The Gabriel Foundation based in Elizabeth, near Denver, CO, has been at the forefront of avian welfare and education for over 35 years. She has published and presented at national and international avian conferences including the AAV, the AFA, and NAVC. She has traveled all around the world witnessing first-hand the importance of in-situ conservation programs for parrots, and advocating standards of care and education for psittacines and their human companions.

~ Enrichment ~

Gay Noeth lives in rural Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband Wayne, dog and pet birds. She has been keeping parrots as pets since 1993 and has been very interested in behavior and enrichment. Over the years she has taken and attended many parrot behavior and training classes and has attended numerous parrot conferences. She believes that by enriching a parrot’s life in captivity we can stave off many problem behaviors and give parrots a better quality of life in our homes.

~ Training & Behavior ~

Sid Price is the founder of Avian Ambassadors. He has more than ten years of experience of working with wildlife in public presentations. He is a professional member of the following organizations: International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, Animal Behavior Management Alliance, Association of Professional Wildlife Educators, New Mexico Wildlife Association, Raptor Research Foundation, and the World Parrot Trust.

Sid is President of the International Association of AvianTrainers and Educators and also served on the board of the New Mexico Wildlife Association for several years. He is a charter member of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance.

~ Conservation ~

Mark Stafford, DDS, is the Co-Founder of Parrots International. A dentist with a conservation background, Dr. Stafford received BA degrees in both Environmental Biology and Environmental Studies. Dr. Stafford and his wife, Marie, donate their time and resources to travel into the field to visit and evaluate “in situ” conservation projects. They donate their photos and videos to Parrots International as well as donate their time to manage and organize Parrots International.

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