Avian Encounters – The Trilogy

Lately alot of people have been asking about a third Avian Encounters.  Although I am very flattered that these videos have received such high recognition in the Avian community, I am a little overwhelmed at the idea of a “Lord Of The Birds” trilogy.  People have often asked me over the past few months, “…what gives you the ideas for creating videos of this caliber and content?”…my answer…”Pure passionate, creative impulse.”  I see more into pictures and video then the naked eye does.  Whether it’s images of people I know or strangers that want to get in on the action, I see the character, the love, the harmony and most of all the peace that they have achieved by having their parrots in their lives.  Now, when you set all of those emotions to music, you get an amazing conceptual visual feeling that the director is trying to portray.

For the people that really know me, they have figured out that I am a very emotional and complex person.  I fly by the seat of my pants at times and it all just seems to work out.  No matter what the tragedy, happiness or forthcoming, I usually grab the bull by the horns and then it’s time to rock and roll.  However, when it comes to my birds and presenting my feelings on screen I try to let the viewer see the video through my eyes and through my heart. Keeping things bottled up inside makes an explosive, creative outcome.  This is my release.  Instead of getting angry and upset at something, I channel my feelings and thoughts to a positive and Viola! …you get another Avian Encounters video…or a good friend gets a personal video made, or I create a project for a falconer in the UK.

Avian Encounters II – A Facebook Collaboration came to me when parts of my own life were up in the air and my feet were not steadily on the ground.  My living arrangements had changed, my personal relationships with friends,  family and work had changed.  After weeks of running in circles I said to myself, “…Christina…slow down, think, and come down from the clouds.”  Avian Encounters II was actually a turning point for me.  It gave me a concentration, the energy, and the focus I needed to (shall we say…) start my life over.  After the production was finished, everything started falling into place.  The job, the friends, the family and the personal self growth…everything got better in an enormous way.  Sometimes you just need an “Out”.  Something to set your sights on and something that will be a magnificent part of your life in the end.  Hence, this is why we have parrots isn’t it?  They are the inspiration that drives me everyday.  The jolt in my heart I feel every time Zazu takes a flight when called and lands gracefully in my hand is the sole inspiration to my work.  I remember the very first recall in the kitchen at my former home.  She was 16 weeks old and the clumsiest little Macaw you would ever meet.  Now I watch her as she soars around the house or outside in the backyard with only 3 more flight feathers to grow out.  She has turned into a beautiful Blue and Gold angel.  Kacey, Chloe, and Simba are my little problem children.  They also inspire my work with presenting the rescue portions of pictures and video.  Each one has their own story of tragedy, loss, and overcoming what seemed to be impossible.  They are the true heroes of my visual enterprise and my conceptual need to fill the community with their stories and what I know.

The third and final chapter to the Avian Encounters Series is in production.  The music is being picked out and Angels Of Flight Productions is now copyrighted and trademarked.  This will be the final chapter to a  year and a half project that has brought me controversy, happiness, pain, joy, tears, friendships, arguments, and love.  But I must say this…Avian Encounters has been a fantastic adventure in amateur film making for me.  My Visual Production Assistant, Lisa Granucci, is by far the best friend, confidant, and assistant through my visual blocks that sometimes occur during production.  For this, I thank her for putting up with me, and being honest with me when a transition just down right sucks…being from New York City as  well we just have a great understanding of each other.

All in all, my life is filled with wonder, amazement, joy and breathtaking scenarios on a daily basis.  These are the elements that inspire my work and drive me to 100’s of hours creating a video for the world to view.  I hope each one of you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.  When they are finished and processed, the first watch through is one of the most amazing feelings I get.  I cry, I laugh, I smile, and I sigh at the end of a job well done.  I hope to know one day if you could actually see and feel what I do when I watch the Avian Encounters Series…It’s a most breathtaking emotionally charged experience that lasts a lifetime.  These are the elements of my life that I embrace everyday.  So in closing, I would like to say to the fans of Angels Of Flight Productions, thanks for watching and stay tuned for Avian Encounters III – The Finale due out August 2010.




One Response to “Avian Encounters – The Trilogy”

  1. Carole Young Says:

    Christina, I love the videos, you are a very creative being. I met you when you were a mere beautiful rose bush, then I saw you as a sweet bud on your way to becoming a beautiful blossom, now you are in full bloom. You are sharing the beauty that you see in our wonderful birds and putting the video to music that makes us feel that we are flying with them. Keep bringing these gorgeous videos to us. REMEMBER. you are whatever you want to be. Thank you for recording our beautiful world. Carole xo

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